Equilibration and Balance

In order for your horse to achieve the best with regards to food economy and performance his mouth needs to be balanced. To be balanced a horses needs to have complete balance and comfort between his Temporomandibular Joint (Jaw Joint), his cheek teeth (Molars and Pre-molars) and his Incisors.

The art of creating this three point balance is called Dental Equilibration.

When we equilibrate equine dentition, we correct restricting teeth and spread pressure evenly throughout the dental arcades (rows of teeth). This does not mean we make the teeth smooth or take off too much to make them 100% textbook perfect in one treatment as is the common belief.

It means that we create the most proper and correct mouth possible for your horse at that stage of his/her life, remember every horse is an individual and therefore needs to be treated as an individual. By doing this we spread pressure evenly along his arcades which prevents uneven and abnormal wear, improving the longevity of your horse’s healthy dentition. As I said before each tooth is only a certain size, we need to make sure that it functions correctly throughout its life as well as make it last as long as possible.