What to look for while choosing a dentist for your horse/s

Are they Certified?
Education is of utmost importance when it comes to equine dentistry, especially when one takes into account the rate at which the field is advancing.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see his/her Certification and feel free to call the certifying authority for reassurance and confirmation that they are indeed certified. Bear in mind that any certified person has to return to their certifying authority for continuing education to maintain that certification, so ask if it is still valid.

Does he/she have the correct equipment to competently perform the necessary treatment?

He/she should at the very least have:

  • A headlamp.
  • A full mouth speculum.
  • A variety of manual and electric instrumentation.
  • Thorough dental records for charting his/her findings.
  • Preferably a specialised Dentistry Halter and Comfort Plates for the speculum.


Does he/she inspect and evaluate the incisors on every single horse and adjust the incisors accordingly?

Does he/she explain what they are doing and have the knowledge to explain why exactly they are doing what they are doing?