How often do horses need dental evaluations done?

Every horse should have a dental inspection every six months without fail. This does not necessarily mean the horse needs treatment every six months.

For example in an aged horse in most cases one would do more damage than good treating them every six months, however aged horses are more prone to periodontal infection such and gingivitis as well as factors such as feed packing between and around teeth so it important to continually monitor them.

In a young horse there are a lot of changes taking place in the mouth until they are around 5 - 6. These changes include shedding of deciduous/milk teeth in incisors and pre-molars as the permanent teeth erupt, eruption of canines and molars and eruption of the wolf-teeth. This means that not only will they need regular inspection, but they will also need to be treated more often than an older horse.

A competitive or working horse will need to be seen regularly as well to ensure that there is nothing in the mouth that will affect the performance of the horse. This includes everything from sharp points to bit-seats.

If a horse has a bad mouth, chances are it will not be rectified and balanced completely in one treatment making it imperative that your horse is evaluated every six months even if he/she is not treated.

Please always remember NO work done on your horse is permanent, it all needs to be correctly maintained and if possible improved upon.