Dentistry for performance

Performance dentistry has for the most part, with the exception of bit-seats, become a thing of the past.
Why? Research and progression in the field of equine dentistry has shown that when your horse’s mouth is balanced and 100% functional, there is actually no need for over aggressive measures to be taken in order to allow them to perform at their utmost best, as they are completely comfortable and therefore more willing to do what is asked of them.

The Bit-seat
To create or install a bit-seat is to round off the front of the first upper and lower premolars. We do this to prevent the soft tissue (that is the tongue, cheeks and corners of the mouth) from being damaged by the rough or sharp edges of the teeth.

This too however has evolved greatly in that we no longer take away half or more of the tooth.

This is because there is no need for this when the mouth is properly balanced, to the contrary, you must remember that when installing a bit-seat we are taking away part of that tooth making it less functional and our optimum goal is to maintain correct functionality and longevity of each and every tooth in the mouth, so excessive bit-seats in my book are an absolute no-no.